How to include gps_serv.h in project about WIP application?

Hello everyone!! In this moment I want to mix a project WIP with GPS. For example I created a project wit the Open At Project and the objective is to make connection with the configuration UDP_client, but I don’t want that the project send me a little message of Hello World, I want received the information that GPS send me in other project, but I need to used the file gps_serv.h.

My question is: If I’m located in the file appli.c in the project WIP, how I add the file gps_serv.h or empty header file?

You need to include the Location Plugin, and then write code to initialise and start the GPS (note that you must be using the XM0110 GPS module). So create one project that includes both the Internet Plugin and the Location plugin, and write the code to create the UDP client and control the GPS in the same project.