How to create a gprs based vehicle tracking

i am beginner to developer studio tool. I am using Open_AT_Application_Framework_v2-51_Full_Installer downloaded from sierra site. I am using SL6087 wit XM0110 module for tracking purpose. Can you please guide me how to develop code for getting lat long from gps. I connected SL6087 with XM0110 using i2c,so can you send me the code for start the gps and gprs services.

To change the name of a function (or variable; collectively, “symbol”), you have to pay attention to three things:

  1. The Definition of the symbol;

  2. Any and all Declarations of the symbol;

  3. All References to the symbol.

Note that this is standard ‘C’ stuff - nothing specifically to do with Developer Studio.

From the error you report, it sounds like you have not fully completed No 3.

Note that Developer Studio has a facility to take care of all of this for you - it’s called Refactoring.

Although it won’t have any effect on the building or operation of your code, you should also take care to update any comments and other documentation which refer to the old name…

can anyone help me to solve this link error

Actually i tried to run GPS sample code given in the Dev studio.
when i build the project i got the following link error
cannot open linker script file gcc.lkopt: No such file or directory