How to improve throughput


[FW version]
[DIP Driver] v3.2_1740
We are currently competing another router vendor with external 3G USB modem.
And then, end customer measured throughput at Docomo network and compared it.
As a result, competitor router recorded around 1.48Mbps at DL constantly but
we(SL8090) recorded less than 0.8Mbps with the same SIM card at the same location.
The customer thinks supported HSDPA category of competitor’s USB modem is the same as SL8090.

They are using Direct IP connection(!SCACT).

BTW, in my testing , SL8090 recorded 1.0Mbps to 0.3Mbps(Almost 0.4Mbps).

Do you have any ideas to improve throughput? Or, is there any points that we have to check,such as AT command ? What is the trigger of changing current network technology(*CNTI=0)?

According to our test result, AT*CNTI=0 returns differenct value at following condition.

1.Just after connection(!SCACT=1,*) *CNTI: 0,HSDPA

2.After a few minutes from condition1

3.After Increasing many network traffic from condtion2.(For example, web browsing)

4.After increasing a few network traffic from condition2(For example, send ping only)

We are assuming that HSDPA/HSUPA is the faster than HSDPA so we think if we can fix this technology, we may improve throughput.

Thank you.

–Takuya :cry: