How to identificate the caller number?

I read so the identification is possible by the AT+CLIP.
How to do I it exact?
I have no found any sample code…
Please give me help.

Do you mean how to get the modem to report it to the serial port using AT commands, or how to do it programmatically in an embedded Open-AT Application :question:


In an embedded OpenAT application, so programmatically…


Hmm… the calling number seems to be missing from the ADL Call Service API :angry:

So you could enable the +CLIP: unsolicited response, and subscribe to it :frowning:

Note that I get no +CLIP: unsolicited response at all when the calling number is witheld by the caller - so you’d have to allow for there being no +CLIP: on some calls…

Or you could use AT+CLCC to get the calling number - this does always seem to give a response.

Thank you!
Maybe, can you show a sample code?
I’m a beginner… :frowning:

Look at the ADL Call Monitoring sample provided in the SDK…