strangely, one of my modems on the area could not success AT+CLIP=1 in embedded application. I follow the log on that modem and i see that AT+CLIP=1 responses error. I use adl_cmdCreate funtion to execute that.

It doesnt make any sence because the same software is running other 10 modems and there is no problem with them. What are the possible reasons that i should research on? I can not make alot of thing to modem because it is far away being used by a customer.


First, do AT+CMEE=1 to get the extended error code


Your sim card may have the number identification option disabled…


i dont think i can do that unless i upload new application by dota. because the modem is far away.

It is possible something about SIM card options but are you sure it is about number identification option? The command that sets the identification option is already AT+CLIP i think. Isnt it? if it is not, then what is the correct AT command to turn this option enabled?


But if the facility is not supported (by the SIM or whatever), then it can’t be enabled, can it?!

And, if you try to enable a facility that isn’t supported, then you are likely to get an ERROR response, aren’t you?!


If you have this option OFF, you can try to turn it on by some kind of user service provided by your cellular operator. It is impossible to do with AT commands.


Thank you both. i will set my eyes on this way.