How to I check antenna if the connection normal?


How could I check antenna if the connection normal in EM9191?

I already use at!gstatus? at!nrinfo? , but I can’t check the antenna connection.

did you see some antenna info like the following in AT!GSTATUS?

PCC RxM RSSI:  -31                         PCC RxM RSRP:  -61
PCC RxD RSSI:  ---                            PCC RxD RSRP:  --- 
SCC1 RxM RSSI: -58                        SCC1 RxM RSRP: -75
SCC1 RxD RSSI: -59                         SCC1 RxD RSRP: -76
SCC1 RxM1 RSSI:  ---                       SCC1 RxM1 RSRP:  --- 
SCC1 RxD1 RSSI:  ---                        SCC1 RxD1 RSRP:  ---

Hi @jyijyi ,

Yes, I can but I want to test my 4 antennas connection

Could I use !DAGFTMRXAGC to check it?

didn’t it already show 4 antennas?

RxM ↔ Main
RxD ↔ Aux
RxM1 ↔ MIMO1
RxD1 ↔ MIMO2

Hi @jyijyi ,

I only got the result

how about setting it to LTE only with AT!SELRAT command?

Hi @jyijyi ,

You mean that I use AT!SELRAT to force on LTE?

yes, you can try that

Hi @jyijyi ,

BTW If I connect to N1 or B1, Does it possible only show RxM and RxD’s RSSI ?

have you tried that?

Hi @jyijyi ,

I ask customer to try it. Please wait for response.