EM9191 in NR mode not reporting SNR in NRINFO

With an established connection this is a typical response to AT!NRINFO
at!nrinfo? !NRINFO:
Connectivity Mode: SA

NR5G Cell ID: 0
NR5G band: n78 NR5G Carrier ID: 0
NR5G dl bw: 40 MHz NR5G ul bw: 40 MHz
NR5G Tx Power: 20 NR5G Tx chan: 636666
NR5G Rx chan: 636666
NR5G dl MIMO: 0 NR5G ul MIMO: 1
NR5G(sub6) RxM RSSI (dBm): -26.5 NR5G(sub6) RxD RSSI (dBm): -31.4
NR5G(sub6) RxM1 RSSI (dBm): -21.5 NR5G(sub6) RxD1 RSSI (dBm): -28.6

NR5G RSRP (dBm): β€” NR5G RSRQ (dB): β€”
NR5G SINR (dB): β€”

Is there some configuration to turn on reporting for SNR and or RSRP, RSRQ ?

Probably you need to wait for the next FW release 03.10.xx.xx to fix this

not only SINR, when you register at SA mode, you cann’t get RSRP RSRQ either. :frowning:

you need to wait for the next FW release to fix this

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Hi Jyi

Any idea when 03.10.07 will be available?

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you can contact distributor to get it