How to get Self mobile number?


Hello All,

Can anyone one help me to find SIM self number(mobile number)?
AT+CNUM gets the number only if network operator writes number onto SIM, but this doesn’t happens.



Hi Paru
You can write your number in the “ON” yourself.
Change your phonebook storage to “ON” and then save your number as normal phonebook entry and then change it back to your previous memory.
I do not know of any other way to get your own number

here is example
AT+CNUM will return
+CNUM: “SOS”,“112”,129

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Thanks for ur response Walter_Senekal.

To write into phone book we need to know the mobile number, which is not possible in my case.
Actually the system is installed at the remote site. I want to get intimated with the new mobile number whenever they chanaged the SIM card. My mobile number is stored in the system installed.

This is the scenario…



Hi Paru
There is no way to query the number from the network that I know of.
The only solution that I can think of is to send and sms to a server and then the server sends an sms back with the number in that the sms was sent from.
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