is there a wat to know my number?

Hello ,
I want to know - when I put the SIM card in the “DEV Bord” , and using the Discovery Tool
is there a way to know what my phone number that I get from the ISP?
I can see the sim number,network,modem number - but not the number I get from my provider.

Thank you

Some networks have a USSD that can give you your MSISDN. For example, MTN in South Africa has one that can be accessed by sending


However, not all networks have this facility or if they do, they may not make it public. Easiest way is to send an SMS to a phone, and check the MSISDN.

this is the problem I can’t do it.
My SIM are lock , can’t send a SMS or make a voice call.
I can only use it for data.
no other way?

data as in data-call or as in gprs?

I think data-call ,

then you could open an connection to another device, which just sends the number back to the original client and closes the connection aftwards :laughing:
(implying, that you have a second device)

ISP = Internet Service Provider - they do not give you a phone number :exclamation:

You really need to confirm that with your service provider :exclamation:

sorry , let my explain.
What I meant is - I get from me cellular provider 100 sims with static ip
I want to know what number did they get also, for my records.
because when the send my a bill its with phone number and not the ip( or sim).

Thank you ,

hmm, since i can´t see an at-command to get the phone number, you could put your sim cards into a handy and use that to let it show you the number (at least my current handy has a menu for showing the own number^^)
but first i would send an email to the provider and ask for the number <-> ip table

I thought there is an AT command for this , this way I can be sure.
wall - Thank you !

If you’re buying in that quantity, you really should be asking your cellular provider :exclamation:

They should be able to provide this with the SIMs!

Have you tried AT+CNUM :question:

I think some networks provide SIMS without the CNUM fields filled in. When I query my SIM, it just gives

10:45:16:373 - AT+CNUM

10:45:16:392 - +CNUM: "","",0
10:45:16:397 - +CNUM: "","",0

10:45:16:401 - OK

Yes, they do.

Some networks don’t assign the number to the SIM until it is first used.

And, of course, if the SIM has no number - then that’s the end of the story!

Note that this is fundamental to the way GSM works - it has nothing specifically to do with SiWi…

I have try this command
and all I get is


the sim is working , and I get IP address .

how else can I find the phone-number ?


Have you paid attention to the replies and links previously provided?

Have you actually discussed with your SIM provider yet :question: