SIM Phone number

What’s the AT command to find out the SIM Phone number?

Hi Yul,

you can read out the SIM phone number with “at+cnum”.

But you can get only the number, if anybody writes the number before into the memory, e.g. the provider.
(In germany most providers don’t write the number into the card.)

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Thanks for your reponse, skos. Can I then ask the solution to this issue?

If the provide has not programmed the number, then how would I find out the Phone number of the existing SIM?

You can dial a known voice number.
Let it 1 or 2 times ring and than hang up.
Now you have the voice number of your unknown sim card.

Sometimes the data call number is different.
So you can repeat this test with a data call.
Let it also 1 or 2 times ring and hang up.
Now you can look which number do you have with a data call.

Perhalps, this is no very elegant but an easy way (with no costs) to get the numbers.

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Thanks skos. You have been very helpful. I really appreciate it.