How I can get a phone number from simcard using AT command?


Hi all,

I want to know an at command to get the phone number.
Anyone knows how i can do it?

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There is no at command for that. The phone number of the SIM is stored by the GSM operator, not on the phone.
The only idea which i have, that you can create an SMS server which will reply with the sender’s phone number.

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Thx tom,

I’ll prepare a SMS server to receive this messages. I’m afraid only with the costs with SMS coming from another countries (i’m brazilian :stuck_out_tongue:), it’s worth it. :smiley:

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Quite so.

But some operators do provide a facility for you to find your own number,

eg, on UK Vodafone, dial *#100# and the answer will come as, for example:

+CUSD: 2,“07999123456”,255

This can also be requested with AT+CUSD=1,"*#100#"

You will need to check with your Network Operator(s) for specific details…