How to extend SMS number when use AirLink FXT09 ?

Hello Every body.

I’m Hung, I’m working for HAST in Viet Nam.
I’m using Carel Product & FXT009 GSM, further information as below :
Datalogger & GSM Modem

  • Carel PlantWatchPro + Int.Pstn Modem
    PN: PWPROM0000
  • Carel Modem Gsm Dual Band
    PN: PLW0PGSM00
  • PCOs Compact
    PN: PCOX000AA0
  • Carel Connector kit screw version for pCO compact, 7 Relays
  • Simex Analog module - 8 channels
    PN: SIAi-8P

We have problem : Datalogger can only send information to five ( 05 ) SMS number,…
But my partner want to send information to more than five SMS number.
I know you have more experiences about this problem, please help to support us
Thank you

Your Trust Partner
Hung, Nguyen Van ( Mr. )
HP : +84.985.694.829

That’s a limitation of the datalogger - not the FXT.

So you need to contact the supplier/manufacturer of the datalogger for support of their product

Is this it: … odotto=332

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your advise
When we buy FXT09, i do not get configuration software from carel.
So i have question, When we buy FXT09, do i have config. software ?
I’m looking forward to get your support

Thank you

Again, that has nothing to do with Sierra Wireless - it’s entirely a question for carel

Thank you