How to download OpenAT software from device?

I know, that command “AT+WDWL” helps to upload my own OPENAT applications to the device. But I need to get apps from device. How can I do this?

P.S. Sorry for my English(I’m from Russia).

I believe you can’t unless your name is Wavecom, sorry Sierra Wireless

Actaully, that is known as down-loading.


You can’t.

Even if you could, all you would get would be the compiled binary image - what did you intend to do with that?

Oh…it’s a pity :frowning:

I have the device based on wavecom details. I can connect it to computer(“hyperterminal”) with wire(to my COM port) . It’s answering “ОК” to “AT+WOPEN=0” AND “AT+WOPEN=1”…So i think it has openat application. I know (and it’s 100% true) that it can be configured with “AT+” commands, but I don’t have this commands(don’t have manual for this device or something else). But I need to configure it! How can I get the list of this commands?! Please. Give me some ideas…

I think I can open it with hex editor or something and get some usefull information…

Extremely unlikely.

This would be very difficult even for someone highly skilled in ARM machine code - is that you?

Not so unlikely. AT-commands usually present in application image as ASCIIZ-strings. Voila.
But main problem - how to read application - is… the main problem :slight_smile:

Yes, you may be able to identify what the command names are - but identifying what parameters they take, and wht they mean is an entirely different matter!

Totally agree…with every word!

With “Trial and error method” I get some commands(AT+APN…AT+IP) and there was no problem to identify for what they need.
My device has GPS module…but it doesn’t work(turned off)…AT+CGPS? or AT+CGPS=1 return “ERROR”…at least I need to turn GPS on…for the first time it will be enough. :slight_smile:
Please, any ideas…I need this commands.

You really, really need to identify the manufacturer/supplier of this unit, and contact them for support!

You could waste a huge amount of time trying to guess at commands and parameters!

Where did you get this unit?
What do you hope to achieve with it?

I can’t do that…
If there is no another way or idea I want to thank everybody and close this discussion.

I think that’s the best idea!

If you can’t even obtain basic information like this about the unit then it is, to all practical intents, useless.

Think about it: if you can’t even obtain basic information like this, what are you going to do when you need more detailed support??

I think your time/money would be far better spent in either obtaining some other device which does have adequate support, or creating your own device to suit your requirements…

Ok. I will continue to think by myself.