How to.....debug with gps location plugin

i am unable to debug usign developer studio 2.0 and location plugin

i have no events after gps_init, but instead loading the release dwl it seems to work,

is it posible to debug or i am doing something wrong?

Which Firmware Version are you using? You may have to include “memory_stub.c” in your project for older firmware versions.

supose to be 7.45
os 6.35
Sdk 2.35
location plugin 1.1.0

the release version works and receive events, but the debug just does not. i supose there is something wrong on the debug configuration or maybe is not posible to debug this library

Is someone able to debug in his computer?

Well is it, or isn’t it :question: :exclamation:

Are you downloading the debug build to the target, and then viewing the traces in the target manager, or are you actually using the new debug features of 7.45 in the debug screen? I have had no problems viewing traces from the location plug-in in target manager, but I haven’t tried debugging yet. From what I’ve heard from SiWi, the debugging on 7.45 is not completely bug free…

well at last i was able to debug usign the new 7.45 feature