How to Create a task and assaign priority in Wavecom OpenAT

Hi i worked on RTOS-VxWorks in that i can create a new task by task spawn API. And i can prioritize to each task at the time of spawning a new task. Like that in Wavecom is it possible to create new task and give priority.

Basically i am new to the Wavecom. Can anybody tell me how to start the programming in GCC compiler of Wavecom.

Shell we implement RTOS concepts like(Priority based schedulling, priority premption, Priorityinheritance) in Wavecom.

If anybody knows about these please reply.

Thanks & Regards
Arise. Ramesh

As always, you need to start by reading the supplied documentation, and working through the Tutorial and some samples

Open AT gives you a single thread within the system, running at a fixed priority.