How to create 2 stream in cloud action

To reduce Cloud action windows, customer request the following. We would like to create demonstration code, could you please advise how to implement it.

-Customer will get 2 sensor data from edge device (example, light sensor data and GNSS location data in mangOH yellow)

-Customer plan to upload both data to Octave at every 10min

-Customer transfer these data in 1 cloud action to AWS server from Octave (I use webhook in demonstration)

I know that Octave can transfer 1 stream data to other server in 1 cloud action. Can Octave support to send any stream data in 1 cloud action?

Hello Takashi,

Please reference the Octave documentation to understand how to orchestrate data for your scenario.

Thanks, I succeeded to send 2 data to 1 stream.
I have one question.
I set light sensor from “BUILD->Device->Resource” windows and created “light” streams.
If I create this multiple resources at Edge action, I saw this data in “Default” streams, too.
How many message do I use, only 1 message or 2 message?

Hello Takashi,

Messages can be generated via observations directly to the cloud or sent to the edge actions for instance. The edge action (on the device) can be programmed to send the data to the cloud or perform some action on the device without sending a message to the cloud. If your edge action sends data to 2 cloud streams, that is counted as 2 messages.

If you send data via observations via 2 paths, one direct to the cloud (:default) and one to and edge action that then sends the data to another stream, that will be 2 messages.

Customer would like to send multiple resources in a single event and stream as 1 message. Please advise how to do it?

Hello Takashi,

Please see the following link with examples.