Anyway to have multiple devices to send cloud stream to same stream on cloud instead of the :default under each devices?

I want to have EA that runs on different device to send data to the same cloud stream under company sp I can use that cloud stream to trigger Cloud Action. Any suggestion on how to do so?

Hi James,

Yes, you can create (or convert an existing stream based cloud action) to a TAG based cloud action. A TAG based Cloud action has 2 inputs, 1. A Tag that is associated with a device and 2. an input Stream. The input stream name will have to be the same across all the devices (:default for example) and each device will have to have the same TAG. Thus, the cloud action will receive data for every device with a specific tag and from a specific stream name.
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You can also read any stream from a cloud stream using Octave APIs.

Hope this helps.

Hi James,

Just to circle back, Device streams are all apart of the device context, so no, you cannot directly send Octave device data to a specific cloud stream without it passing through a device stream. Device streams serve as input to cloud actions and cloud connectors.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It solved my problem. I can deploy multiple devices with same blueprint to send data to external cloud through same Cloud Action now.