How to configure FXT009 with this configuration?

Hi, I have a problem when configuring a modem. In a M1306B modem returns me the following configuration (AT & V):

Q:0 V:1 S0:000 S2:043 S3:013 S4:010 S5:008
+CR:0 +CRC:0 +CMEE:0 +CBST:0,0,1
+SPEAKER:0 +ECHO:0,1 &C:1 &D:2 %C:0
+IPR:9600 +ICF:3,4 +IFC:0,0

I tried to configure the modem FXT009 and get the following:

Q:0 V:1 S0:000 S2:043 S3:013 S4:010 S5:008
+CR:0 +CRC:0 +CMEE:0 +CBST:0,0,1
+SPEAKER:1 +ECHO:0 &C:1 &D:2 %C:0
+IPR:9600 +ICF:3,4 +IFC:2,2

Veo una diferencia en SPEAKER y en ECHO pero no puedo modificar esos parámetros, he probado con AT+SPEAKER=0 y con AT+ECHO=0,1 pero me da error.

I see a difference in SPEAKER and ECHO but I can not change those parameters, I tried it with AT + SPEAKER = 0 and AT + ECHO = 0.1 but it gives me error.

How can I do ?, the modem is connected to a Twido PLC and currently with me FXT009 communications model do not work.

Thank you.

Have you tried using AT+CMEE to get the more detailed error codes :question:

I don’t see how the SPEAKER or ECHO settings would be of any significance at all in such an application :question: :exclamation:

What makes you think it has anything to do with the SPEAKER and/or ECHO settings :question: