How to check account of SIM in Fastrack supreme 20


I want to check account of SIM to know how much moneys have in the SIM to notice to user.
How to do that? I use Fastrack supreme 20, at the begin, i plan to use Call service with command
“atd*101#;” but nothing happens. Please help me.


Each cellphone company use a different way for account information requesting. You must retrieve this information from them.
Anyway, the most usuall way to answer account requests is an SMS. Check if you have unreaded SMS, or you have SMS inbox full.


I mean that I want to use Fastrack supreme to check account of SIM. Every FS use a SIM to contact with user and if SIM is out of money, the contact cut off. So our application have to know when SIM is out of money to charge for it. As i know, almost pre-paid SIM of Vietel, Mobiphone, Vina use “*101#” to check account if you use a cell phone. But when you use Fastrack, how to check account by ADL or AT command? I really want to know it.


In spanish case each company use a diferent way to do that. So, if I where you I check it with each GSM/GPRS services company.
Anyway, in your case, when you type “*101#” and press “Call” no a regular cellphone: What happend? You recieve an SMS? You hear a voice tell you the money in your account? More information is needed to help you. :question:


I use a SIM of Vina supplier. if I use a cell phone, when i call *101# I receive an SMS. but when use Fastrack supreme 20 when i call 101# using AT command "atd101#;" nothing happens, no SMS, no voice. Do i make any wrong?


Are you sure your Fastrack is registered on network? The led is blinking?

Wich answer you have when you type ATD*101#; on your Fastrack?

How do you check you have’nt recieved an SMS?


Yes, my Fastrack has been registered on network. the GSM led is blinking. I’m sure that I don’t receive a SMS because if have incoming SMS, my Fastrack will notify by an CMTI response.



Hi, you need Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. AT+CUSD=1. Then you send ATD*100# ( not ; ) Then fastrack send unsolicited response +CUSD: “Text of operator”.

The USSD supplementary service is described in GSM 02.90
It is based on sequences of digits which may be entered by a mobile user with a handset. A sequence entered is sent to the network which replies with an alphanumerical string, for display only, or for display plus request for the next sequence.

Excuse me for my english


Thanks for replying me!

I follow you, fisrt I type:

then I type:


but nothing happen.


If Someone used to do this, please me.


You said Vina use: *101# and you typed *100#


Try this:


or *101# instead of *100# depending on your operator.


I followed what you said:


and Response is:

+CUSD: 4

what does it mean?


I found how to check account of SIM.
I also use AT + CUSD.

AT+CUSD = 1,"*101#"

but I wondered that where this SMS is stored? and how to send this SMS to user?

thanks for your help!


It does’nt seem to be a stored SMS. You’ve got a direct network response, so it’s not stored. You must use AT library callbacks to collect the answer string and send it “manually” to the user.


I don’t know how to use AT library callbacks. Can you give me a direction?
Thanks a lot!


You are using Fastrack as an external modem or as an smart modem (your own OpenAT application)?
If you are developing your own OpenAT application, use adl_atCmdCreate to send the AT (use ADL_PORT_OPEN_AT_VIRTUAL_BASE as port to avoid colisions with other functionallities). Use a function as adl_atRspHandler (a parameter of adl_atCmdCreate), to collect the AT response.


See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=671&p=2370&hilit=credit#p2368

And: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3550&start=0&hilit=USSD


Thanks a lot!
I’ll try it.