How to assign EM7305 a COM port?

I installed a navigation software on a Win 8.1 machine. The software only recognizes GPS devices on COM ports. I installed Skylight software but that did not provide a solution. I can see the device in Device Manager under Network Adapters and Universal Serial Bus Controllers, but not under Ports (COM & LT).

Please follow the investigation with your distributor.

If it’s the same question, then the answer will be the same:

Hi togehter,

thats a fine answer, but didnt help if the distributor (Fujitsu) tells you there is no GPS! But Air Card Shows you the right position!

Is there no generic driver from SiWi for that card or no other third party driver to make MNEA visible to a com port

Greets Matthias

Hi guys,

I´ve the same Problem, is there any solution yet?


Same problem here, i posted on another topic :

Anybody found a solution to activate these com ports?