How select model of modem?

I need in cheap wireless gsm modem but can’t understand whats model better.
I don’t need in the best performance model, but some advantages will be welcome:)
Modem will be used for telemetry of remote counters, so it will be better if modem will connect with several line by rs232 , i thing that it be possible using gpio
So i wait for your answer :slight_smile:
Also i sorry for possible grammatic mistakes, becouse itsn’t my native language

You should discuss this with your local Wavecom Distributor!

Describe your requirements in detail, and they will be able to advise what best fits those requirements.

All the more reason for speaking to a local distributor - where you will be able to discuss in your own language!
They will also be familiar with the networks, services, etc, available in your area.

It’s problem to connect with nearest distributor, becouse it at another country, and it don’t seems like a way, becouse they don’t reply at any my responce