How many store in FX30 (WP7702)

Q1. How many data can FX30 store for analog data at store & forward or Edge action?
Q2. Can FX30 get analog data at every 300msec? If not possible, please let us know the min time.

Customer is evaluating FX30 with Octave now. To get analog data, customer is using the following IoT slot card and succeed to get analog data in their Octave account.

To go next step, customer would like to do the following. Please advise them.

  1. Customer would like to monitor analog data at every 300msec.
  2. If FX30 storage will full, FX30 calculate typical value and only typical value to Octave.
  3. To create #1/#2 operation, customer will build it in Octave Edge action using JavaScript.


I do something similar using Octave. As far as I am aware one second is the fastest rate that the FX30 can poll data from modbus and IO expansion cards. If there is a faster way then I would like to hear about it too. From what I have heard this is a limitation in the hardware.

If there is a formal store and forward function, I don’t know about it. We send JSON objects to an Octave stream that is sent to a https endpoint using a cloud connector. If a device loses connection, it can store some messages to be sent later, but not very many. We also only send messages every minute because of cost constraints. The billing information can be found on the Octave website.

Hope this was helpful,
Wilson Teachey

To reduce message size, customer would like to only send data that exceeds a threshold. If Customer program Java script in Octace site, is it possible to reduce message?

Yes, the customer is able to program this in Octave. They can set up an edge action that runs after each new sensor reading and send a message when it goes above a certain threshold.