How do you reset WMOD2A G1900 version


How do you reset WMOD2A-G1900 to factory defaults? The reset pin on the D15 connector only executes a power-on reset, NOT factory defaults?

Also the RS232 interface provides “real” voltage swing not TTL correct?



Try AT&F and ATZ

Yes - RS232 means RS232.


Thanks, I am glad its real RS232!

However I dont have serial access… I wish I could do ATZ… I am looking for some harware reset method, I was hoping the reset pin does it but its just a power-on reset, NOT factory



You cannot do it without serial access.

Then again, you can’t do anything at all without serial access - so it doesn’t matter what settings it has, does it?! 8)


Well I dont have serial access because the start-up config is sooo screwed that it would not accept any commands. So in a way one can lock oneself out of the modem forever? There must be a way to overcome such condition, say you set it up to disable status replies and to disable AT commands. Will that render the modem useless forever?

In a USR world if that happens there are DIP switches that one can use to revered back to factory. I was expecting to see something like that in Wavecom too…:slight_smile:

Here is what I get from the modem when I call it from my other cell phone: