How do test WP76xx USB OTG function?



WP76xx support USB OTG function by USB port in LGA(not through HSIC).

When WP76xx act as a USB host role, after plugging in a USB mass storage, you should see that the thumb drive in Linux.

I know managOH green board is ready(has necessary circuit) for OTG function.
However, I don’t know how to check it with Linux.

Could you share some instruction to check(USB device e.g. USB disk or mouse) in Linux?

Also what kind of USB host function are support(build in)? e.g. HID keyBD? USB hub? WIFI(or BT) module?


You can use the lsusb command in console terminal to check the attached USB devices.
The USB host functions are depending the drivers module supported, you need develop the Yocto project to add the driver into support.


Hi @Sierra_JordanZhao

The set-up(HW & SW) is success with WP8548.
Have you try it and success with ANY one of WP76xx?

Note the OTG function is necessary USB port(NOT HSIC OTG) of module.

I guest USB OTG function is not supported in ALL WP76xx, please revise/ delete this function of spec.