Eth0 is not working after R17 upgrade - WP76xx

Hi, I Recently upgraded from R16_01 to R17 Release, but after the upgrade, I observed that eth0 is not working. I am facing the same issue even with the standard generic Image.

please see here:

As workaround, you might need to use R16 or route to USB host connector which is using HSIC bus.

Are you saying that eth0 is currently not working in R17?

USB OTG is not working in R17
if your ethernet part needs to use USB OTG, then it is not working

But if your ethernet part is using HSIC, then it should be Ok according to other user experience.

Yes, we are using USB OTG for ethernet using the LAN9514.

then you should not upgrade to R17 at this stage for other modules

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@jyijyi Thanks for the confirmation & update on this issue.

We have test build of R17 which is for fixing USB OTG.
I have tested with USB thumb drive, it is OK to read it:

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I will test it and let you know.

@jyijyi I have tested the Image you shared and its working!!!