How do I get a Developer profile?


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OK, so I can obviously log-in to the new Forum! :smiley:

But, if I try to log-in to the Wavecom Home page, it just takes me to the page saying, “How do I get a Developer profile?”

When I enter my details there, it says, “The user name already exists” - but it still won’t accept my login :angry:

So, what is the correct procedure for “upgrading” to a “Developer Profile”? :question:

I gather that there is a bug in the process, and the Webmaster is looking into it…

Try … _agreement
to upgrade your account.

Not much interesting available for download yet, and files larger than 32MB can’t be downloaded at all right now.

Yes, that was the route I used. :frowning:

Odd… I did that yesterday without any problems…
Guess you’ll have to wait and see, or bug them about it :frowning:

The issue is that you have to provide the same e-mail address as when you forst registered in the forum.

Yes, that did it. :smiley:

I’d changed my email address due to getting spammed. :angry:

The links seem to be fixed by now, but it’s still not possible to download any of the SDK’s, since they are larger than 32MB, and an error appears when you try to dl them.

The error I get is:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 378654687 bytes) in /var/www/wavecom/modules/movie/scenes/products/act_download.php on line 37

Looks like the download problem is fixed too now…