How do I enter AT commands for EM7355?

I am using the 7355, not the 7455. I see the module, but it assigns no com ports making it inaccessible through com.

no idea, maybe your module has problem

Why don’t you directly connect to your embedded linux system and install the MBPL USB driver to see what happens?

It is not linux. I need one adapter which should arrive tomorrow to try direct USB. Will see how that goes. It would be great to know default serial params for the 7355.

not sure how to know serial params for the 7355 if you don’t even have the basic AT command port…
currently not even know if you have any network interface enumerated in device manager…

If you see only that port, then I wonder if the modem is stuck in the bootloader for some reason.

Bear with me, I don’t use Windows, but I believe you should be able to see the USB VID and PID somewhere in Device Manager - is the PID 0x9040 by any chance? I believe the EM73x5 uses 0x9041 for application mode and 0x9040 for boot mode by default. But it could also use other IDs, in which case the PID doesn’t tell us anything.

But if it is stuck in boot mode, then I’d try a firmware upgrade. Might fix the issue if you’re lucky. You’ll find the firmware packages on

You may be right. A single physical USB port can simulate multiple com ports. Perhaps this module software is simply not designed for embedded applications. That is my actual goal. My application is embedded direct, not pc’s with OS’s. Normally I have access to a seperate standard serial port for AT control. That is why I asked my original question in another post. I have not tried this USB-USB method before. It was never necessary.