How can I remove a device from Octave

Register a device on Octave is fairly easy and well documented. However, I could not find any document on removing device from Octave. Is this doable?

Hi James,
You can remove a device using API:

HTTP Request


You can refer


Hi James,

You can also remove a device via the User Interface.

The device will be deactivated in our network management system. When you add the device back into an Octave account, the device will be re-activated.

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Thanks a lot for the info, David.

Albert’s device was moved to my company successfully yesterday. But since then, he can not access to his Octave account. The dashboard never show after login. Can you remove his account so he can register with his email again?


Hi James,

I removed him from both companies.

Thanks, David. I’ll invite him again and see if it works.