How can I convert .dwl files to DWLwin format?


how can I convert .dwl files to DWLwin format (.bin, .wpb, .e2p, .cus)

I am using OpenAT v3.02

Thanks in advance

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Is this a real question, or are you just spamming the forum with all that stuff at the end of your post?

See: … =3944#3944


Can the user generate these files from their compiled dwl file? The only files I’ve used with DWLWin were supplied from the Wavecom distributor.[/b]


You don’t need to - the Wavecom build generates all the necessary output files:


I use the .wpb version with DWLWin.

BTW: If you’re using MS Windows Explorer, be sure to set it to not hide filename extensions - otherwise it gets confusing with the .wpb.dwl double extension…! :open_mouth: