How can i access SIm number from tcp server side

Hello I am using Q2686G modem, I am sending data to server , How can i access SIM number in the modem at tcp server side? please help me. I want the phone number allocated to SIM?

What “SIM Number” are you talking about?

  • SIM Serial Number?
  • The phone number allocated to the SIM?
  • It’s IP address?
  • Or what??

I want SIM number(like 09686834732 in india like 10 digits) ,not serial number
I want the phone number allocated to sim?

The relationship between the SIM and the phone number is entirely within the network - it is not held on the SIM.

Some carriers provide a means to query your own number; eg, see: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1083&p=3938&hilit=vodafone+own+number#p3938

Some SIMs are delivered with the phone number stored so that it can be retrieved with AT+CNUM

But neither of these can really be relied upon.

The best way is probably to have the device send a text or make a call, and then use the sender’s number from that…

i sugest sending yourself an sms…and u will find ur phone number :stuck_out_tongue:

Recursive: see “recursive”