[HL8548] New interface needed

Hello everybody,

I am working on a design of a prototype with HL8548 module. It consists on a microcontroller connected by UART to the modem. This microcontroller handles the HL8545 by AT commands in order to stablish TCP connections.

When a TCP is stablished, this UART interface turns to data mode, so I will not be able to detect modem unsolicited messages during TCP communication. For this reason, I would like to have one more interface in order to detect them.

For that, two UARTs will be the best option, but I checked that this module only has one UART. Anyway, I realized that HL85 has a USB interface (USB_D+ and USB_D-) which may be great to monitor these messages.

What do you think about using it? I suppose that I need a microcontroller with OTG USB.

I would like to get any idea/opinion because maybe I am wrong.


Best regards,


Yes you can use the USB interface to get unsolicited responses or you can run the CMUX protocol over the UART interface to give you multiple virtual serial ports.