HL8518 UART Linux driver

I am trying to figure out if i have the HL8518 with me and if i want to interface it with some MicroProcessor which would be running Linux OS. What would be the Linux driver i would use ? I see USB drivers, but i could not find UART drivers which would drive HL8518 from Linux OS.
Please let me know if we have in house driver or if i can use any generic driver for HL8518.


Are you using dev kit?
Dev kit uses physical uart, you need to buy a usb to serial cable for communication

I have a custom target and not a dev a kit. Today we are using AT commands for all the communications with the modem. We want to remove that and understand if a driver can create a network interface for applications in the user space to use.

If you remove it, you still need a port to do AT commamd.
Will you use usb?

We don’t have a USB line with the modem right now.

did you processor have uart interface

So what i understand is that we can use a driver (which driver?) in the kernel space which will create a network interface for applications to use on the user space and we need a USB line also to execute some AT commands which is not handled by the driver. Is my understanding correct ?
If so, do you know what are those special AT commands which the driver cannot handle over UART ? Also which driver are you suggesting we should use to get the network interface ?

Sorry for many questions :slight_smile:

normally there is a /dev/ttyACM0 for your linux environment if your processor has UART interface

If you just want to use UART interface, only PPP dial up can be used to setup network interface.

Thanks @jyijyi . So i guess we will get a ppp0 network interface on the Linux environment. I was hoping the same driver would allow me to send the AT command through IOCTL from the user application.