HL8548 - KHTTPGET provides inconsistent +KPATTERN response

When RSSI is low (9,99,-13 for instance in the response) getting an +KHTTPGET results in a response of KSUP:0 like the module reset.

I am expecting to get the +KPATTERN (–EOF PATTERN–), but this is not coming through. With stronger RSSI, I will get the +KPATTERN response and the correct number of bytes expected for the http source.

Is there something I can check to see why the HTTPGet bombed out? I am not receiving any further information beyond the KSUP and the STKCNF like on module power-up. It does not seem to reflect the documentation as I’m waiting for the end of file pattern to occur.

Using FW Version: RHL85xx.

This appears fixed in RHL85xx. and is reported in the changelog as well.