Cannot get http data for HL8548

I am trying to use HTTP on HL8548. I was following the sample “21.10. How to Use HTTP Client Specific Commands” on the document “AT Commands Interface Guide AirPrime HL6 and HL8 Series” but it not help me. My problem is when I send “AT+KHTTPHEADER=1” the modem respond “CONNECT” then i don’t know how to do next. The document note that:
“Send HTTP data after “CONNECT”. Do
not forget the PATTERN characters. For
example :
“Data flow

But how data I must send. I have tried some cases but not success.

  1. I send --EOF–Pattern- after connect but the modem just respond OK
  2. I send “Hello” + --EOF–Pattern-, it responds “+CME ERROR: 925” means "Failed to decode HTTP header’s name, missing ‘:’ "
  3. I send “” + --EOF–Pattern-, it responds “+CME ERROR: 926” means “Failed to decode HTTP header’s value, missing ‘cr/lf’”
  4. I send "AT+KHTTPGET=1, “/index.html” , it responds “NO CARRIER”
    I Really confuse when using the example. Can you tell me how can i do after send “AT+KHTTPHEADER=1” and respond “CONNECT” (Image below)
    Thanks in advance!

Hi toan_tran123,

Please create post in corresponding forum, HL8548 question should be posted in HL:

For your question, KHTTPHEADER used to set custom HTTP header which especially useful for HTTP POST request.
For HTTP Get, maybe you can try:

GET / HTTP/1.0