I tried to send header info to a website.

Accept : text/html (\r\n)

after this I am not getting ‘OK’

What could be wrong?


Are you able to exit from Data mode and able to enter in command mode? If yes then are you able to execute other AT commands?

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I was doing some workaround to release the project.
Regarding the header, I was unable to exit from data mode to enter in command mode.
I have to power cycle the module to execute AT commands again.

I have one more question regarding the connectivity.
Is it necessary to execute CEREG? command every time when I do power up the HL module?

The module takes minimum 1 minute to 45 minutes to get +CEREG: 0,1 ( I have good signal in these locations)
Is it a normal behavior of HL modules?


Hi AJ,

can you please check the response of AT+KPATTERN command, and confirm the pattern that is being used to come out of the data mode is correct .

Is it a normal behavior of HL modules?

This is not normal behavior of HL module usually it takes less time to register on network. For information check out the AT command guide.

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