HL7692 - KTCPSND does not end transmission without sending --EOF--Pattern--

according to documentation sending --EOF–Pattern-- after +KTCPSEND is optional if ndata bytes are sent. But this seems to be not true.
Im sending 3 bytes of data on serial using


– send 3 bytes –
and never receive “OK” or “NO CARRIER” and the module remains stuck in data mode.

If I send --EOF–Pattern-- after 3 data bytes all works as expected.

Am I missing something?

PS: using the --EOF–Pattern-- is very slow, because the module have to wait 100ms without receiving data before EOF pattern can be detected. This could lead to very slow transfer in case of “a lot” small packets have to be transmitted.

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How about using +ktcpstart

Could be a solution but have to change a lot of code.
I prefer try to understand why +KTCPSND does not work as expected.

Much appreciated

I don’t think there will be new development on the FW.
Probably you need to implement +KTCPSTART

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So is that a know issue?

Not sure

Have you implemented +KTCPSTART

Not yet.
As I said it is a lot of work to switch from +KTCPSEND/+KTCPRCV to +KTCPSTART, mainly because the device is in production and a test session from scratch will take a long time.

Firstly I want exclude any possible configuration/implementation error. Or a know issue.
I also check on a newer version RHL769x.2.27.183100.201809071813.x7120m_3 and found the same (wrong) behaviour.

This is what the documentation said (point 1 and 5 in notes looks in conflict to me)

Have you tried to set at&d1 and see if you can leave the data mode by dtr pin