Hl8548-g at+cimi

Hello, I need help with HL8548-G module.
I am trying to get IMSI code of SIM card using AT+CIMI command and it is resulting in error.
Can you advise what could be a problem? I tried to flash the module to the very latest FW version, but no success.
Thanks, Martin

I don’t see problem:




Is this sim card problem?
what is the return of “AT+CPIN?”

I tried +WCARRIER command and it returns DOCOMO. How can I change the carrier profile to Generic? Thanks

I guess it depends on the order sku

I am trying to connect it with MangOH Red and Yellow, but the module is not recognised by Win10 even though I am following the setup of switches. Any ideas how to make it recognised please?

is there any activity in device manager?

We got hands on HL series DEV kit and now we can communicate with the modem. However once we flash the module with generic FW, it still says that AT+WCARRIER is Docomo. Is there any way (optional parameters for flash tool) to change the carrier profile of the modem?