Hl8548-g at+cimi

Hello, I need help with HL8548-G module.
I am trying to get IMSI code of SIM card using AT+CIMI command and it is resulting in error.
Can you advise what could be a problem? I tried to flash the module to the very latest FW version, but no success.
Thanks, Martin

I don’t see problem:




Is this sim card problem?
what is the return of “AT+CPIN?”

I tried +WCARRIER command and it returns DOCOMO. How can I change the carrier profile to Generic? Thanks

I guess it depends on the order sku

I am trying to connect it with MangOH Red and Yellow, but the module is not recognised by Win10 even though I am following the setup of switches. Any ideas how to make it recognised please?

is there any activity in device manager?