Hl8548-g (_1103969)

I found some HL8548-G**_1103969** modules on DigiKey stock. But im not able to find, what is the meaning of the sufix _1103969. Can you please provide some information?

this is just the SKU number.
e.g. default FW = , with GPS function etc

What is the difference between modules HL8548_1103971, HL8548_1104158, HL8548_1102648, HL8548_1102810 and HL8548_1102149?
Is full list of SKU for HL8548 (G) modules available? In what document?

Please contact the distributor for more information.

1102648 is for NTT-DOCOMO with FW

1103971 is for Generic carrier with FW

1104158 is for Generic carrier with FW