Hi, just curious what the difference between the HL8548Q_1103970 and HL8548_1103970 modules are? What does the Q signify? Many thanks, Dave


So the Q means ‘qualified’.

Qualcomm offer reduced IPR rates for specific market segments, if a customers application is in a qualifying segment we can sell at a lower price but the only way to track that is through a different part number hence the Q part. Its purely a commercial exercise, the units, from a technical point of view, are exactly the same.



Great, many thanks Matt.

Hi Matt, a couple of follow up questions.

We’re having some trouble sourcing enough HL8548_1103970 parts for Feb-Apr next year. I wanted to check:

(i) Is the HL8548-G pin-for-pin compatible with the HL8548? Does it require any HW/FW changes, or can we use the same FW and just ignore the GNSS functionality of the -G, which we don’t need? i.e. use HL8548-G_1103969 as a drop in alt part for HL8548_1103970?
(ii) Is the _1103971 identical physically to the _1103970? And any other suffix codes? Are they all compatible?

Many thanks in advance,