Determining version of Q2687 (H or G)

Hi I just noticed something strange, if I flash my 2687 I can either choose (G) or (H) that I can understand but I am able to flash it as either one.
Now I have received some units back from technicians which where flashed using DWLWin and some say they used G and others say they used H, now I know that the G version has more rom/ram, but how do I know which is which?

M2M studio reports it as what ever version was used to flash it, and I can’t really see any markings on the sticker on the unit except for an “h” at the end on the bottom of the unit sticker, can that be it?

Also will it cause problems if it is flashed as the wring version, my gut says yes especially in the addressing of available memory.


I’ve just had a look at a couple of Q2686’s that I have on my desk.

The only way I can differentiate them is by the ‘G’ or ‘H’ that is the last letter under the barcode on the ID sticker.

For my Q2686H, the following commands return:

  • AT+WHWV: Hardware Version 4.03
  • ATI3: R74_00gg.Q2686H 2120060 052109 13:11
  • ATI9:
    “DWL”,“V08b0e “,””,“Wavecom”,50240,“040809 16:29”,“7eaf685b”,“00010000”
    “FW”,“B74f00gg.Q2686H”,“R74_00gg.Q2686H”,“Wavecom”,2120060,“052109 13:11”,“9f4f26e7”,“00020000”
    “OAT”,"","","",78728,“100809 11:02”,“8735b5dc”,“00260000”

For my Q2686G, the following commands return:

  • AT+WHWV: Hardware Version 4.05
  • ATI3: R74_00gg.Q2686G 2120060 052109 13:111
  • ATI9:
    “DWL”,“V08b0e “,””,“Wavecom”,50240,“040809 16:29”,“7eaf685b”,“00010000”
    “FW”,“B74f00gg.Q2686G”,“R74_00gg.Q2686G”,“Wavecom”,2120060,“052109 13:11”,“9f4f26e7”,“00020000”
    “OAT”,"","","",518280,“062409 12:19”,“1030fe9a”,“00260000”

Looks like there is a slight hardware version number change between my H and G models…

ciao, Dave

and by the fact that it says ‘G’ or ‘H’ in the ATI3 response:

Thanks guys.

Thing is I need a physical way apart from, At commands. Like I mentioned before I can flashed these units as either G or H and then the ATI3 response, returns what ever I flashed it as. Think the g or h on the barcode might be it.

the H or G on the bar code (if any) is the clue (and probably also the hardware version


You can’t rely on ATI3 - this is the module version reported from the Firmware, not the Hardware. As the original poster noted, it is possible to use DWLWin to flash the wrong firmware into a module (i.e. flash a ‘H’ with the ‘G’ firmware) - which may or may not break the module - and will return the wrong value from ATI3… :frowning:

ciao, Dave

but it’s still sad that DWLWIN ca’n determine the proper HW-version


And that AT+WHWV doesn’t return something more meaningful than a cryptic version number - or at least that Wavecom could prove some sort of decode table for this number…

ciao, Dave