Difference between Q2686H and Q2686G


Q2686G is with 64 MB flash meomery & Q2686H is with 32 MB flash meomery.
Any other differences ?
Please help…



For such direct Product questions as that, you really should ask your Distributor!

Also be sure to discuss your requirements fully - to ensure that you get the appropriate set of Commercial Features enbled…


not to my knowledge.
so you should go for the newer G version

you also need the bigger memory to support stuff like IDS.
available options are the same for both


thank you :slight_smile:


mind you,
the modules included in the development kit available from your distributor have got all the commercial features enabled.
however, units you buy seperately have not.
for those you need to specify wiche features you need.

As awneil say’s: you should discuss this with your distributor.