HL8548 dual SIM switches

In section 5.8 of the technical specification PDF for the HL8548 it shows a dual SIM application using external switches and GPIOs. There is a reference schematic too in figure 23 in that section.

What is not shown, however, are the part numbers for the switches U100 and U101 in that schematic. Does anyone know what switch ICs to use?


With some more hunting around on the Sierra Wireless website found the parts list to accompany the schematic in section 7.3 in this document:

sierrawireless.com/-/media/ … rev2_0.pdf

They are:

References Part Number Supplier Description
CN102,CN103 FMS008-6000-0 Yamaichi SIM Socket
C114,C124 100nF Capacitor NA Capacitor
C113,C123 1nF Capacitor NA Capacitor
R111,R121 1KΩ Resistor NA Resistor
R110 10KΩ Resistor NA Resistor
R112,R122 100KΩ Resistor NA Resistor
U100 ADG733BRUZREEL Analog Devices Switch
U101 NLAS5223MNR2G On Semiconductor Switch

It also notes, “to reduce the number of switch devices, FSA2567 from Fairchild is an alternative solution to U100 and U101”

ue to the nature of wireless communications, transmission and reception of data can never be guaranteed. Data may be delayed, corrupted (i.e., have errors) or be totally lost. Although significant delays or losses of data are rare when wireless devices such as the Sierra Wireless modem are used.