[HL8549] - Dual SIM - Change SIM Slots



I’m using the HL8549 module with two SIM cards slot (SPDT Switch enabled).

  1. I’ve selected the first slot (SIM1) and registered on the network;

  2. I’ve changed to the SIM2 through the command “AT+KSIMSEL=2”;

  3. The command “CPIN?” returns: [AT+CPIN?][+CME ERROR: 10;][010] - That means “SIM not inserted”.

  4. But reading the SIM presence status through the “AT+KSIMSEL=4” command returns [AT+KSIMSEL=4][+KSIMSEL: 4,1,1;;OK;][000] - That means First and Second external SIM is present.

Can anybody help me?



Hi littlekernel,

For DSSS feature, please refer to the application note in source: (Make sure the correct hardware connection before the test)