double SIM

I’m questionning how do mobile phone with double SIM to works at same time with 2 sim cards and 1 modem.
I would like make a double sim option for my phone, but i have used a swicth electronic on may prototype card to switch data I/O on sim card (1 and 2) but i need reboot modem at each time to switch sim card 1 to sim card 2 to catch the networks.
How the modem can be receive 2 networks at same time?

You’ve posted in the AirPrime embedded wireless modules ‹ HL Series forum - but is this actually a question about HL Series modules :question:

yes i have a Hilo NC V2

Using an external swicth and a reset of the module is the correct way to do it if the module itself does not support in another way. This means that you are only on standby on one network at the time.

The HL6528 does support DSDS(Dual SIM Dual Standby) which means that the module itself has two sim interfaces and can be on standby on two networks at the same time. I think this must be supported by the chipset. HL6528 is the only Sierra module that support this feature.

ok THANKS :smiley: