Build an Router?

I found no Product on the Market to solved my Problem.
A Bus Company need Internet, SMS, Phone Call for 3 Contrys.
What important is a huge (Squid) Proxy who can save thousand Website. How with the new SSD thats isnt any Problem.
VoIP for Internal Communication. (GSM Calls -> VoIP) for that i could use Asterisk.

So how can i handle with Multiple Simcards?
3x Country -> 2x Simcards each for diversity.
That would mean normaly 6 Cards?! :open_mouth:
I know that my Thinkpad need an Simcard Slot who get plug in. So its possible that the Module connect to an Simcard and at the Border station the disconnect the Simcard take the next and go online?!


What you mean for “2x Simcards each for diversity”?

Some product actually supports dual SIMs, e.g. HL6 - dual sim dual standby, but it is 2G only.

There are also application note describe how to implement dual SIM switching, and you can enhanced it to supports multiple SIM… But you need to design the mechanism how to switch between those SIMs, whether it is done manually or automatically.

Hope this helps.

I mean what i will use 2 Operator with 2 different 3G Module on the same Time.
And i have (for expamle) 3 Country who it should work.

How about that?

do you mean some physical or in software?

Both :exclamation:

You need the physical switching hardware, and the software to manage it

:blush: thats mean there is nothing as an ready to use solution?

Well, this is the Developer forum - so it is rather assumed that you are intending to Develop something… :exclamation:

If you are going to use 2 3G module at the same time, I believe it is easier.

HL8 comes with fast network switching feature and with the dual SIM application (please refer to HL8 PTS section 5.6), so the two HL8 module each can care only 1 SIM for each country.

But you have to enhance the HW design to support 3 SIMs for 3 country, SW design should be quite similar to drive the switch using GPIO.

Hope this helps.

thx the problem i never design hardware before. :unamused: :blush: