MC7455 Anyone have Dual sim to support all 4 carriers

I was trying to find a Dual Sim unit that is small enough that supports all 4 carriers and also the ability to Run a Linux OS kinda like a Small Rasberry Pi OS so then i have Dual Sim (that i can swap at once and its all in 1 unit).


Define ‘all four carriers’?

Oh hehe i forget about this is global…

USA carriers ATT,Verizon,Tmobile,Sprint

i found this. …

im going to try it out with raspi zero it to see if i can connect but i was hoping to squeeze it all in 1 device. with a linux host onboard.

i like it cause its dual sim and i can switch via cronjob or something .

Yeah all four US carriers are a challenge. Ping one of our disti’s/sales guys as our SIM cards might be able to roam across all of the operators. Verizon is the difficult one. I think you might have to have a roaming SIM to do all of the operators and then a specific Verizon one.

One thing I would say about the modem you have just pointed out is that it supports band 17 where AT&T use band 12, band 12 is a superset of 17 i.e. it includes it but is bigger so you might be miss some coverage and throughput capabilities.

Why do you want to be able to use all of the carriers? Is it coverage? If so, as I understand it, Verizon is difficult to get away from.



im doing metric based testing and like to switch/configure its off/on im having issues though getting the SDK to connect though .


Can you define ‘having trouble getting the SDK to connect’? Are you running one of the sample applications and it comes back ‘Unable to detect device’?

Can you send the below terminal commands to the unit with the unit plugged in?nd then post the reply (either in a file or code field)?

uname -r
ls /dev
modinfo GobiSerial
modinfo GobiNet
ls -l /dev/qcqmi