Best raspi linux package to connect MC7455 - US LTE Carriers

Ive seen alot on google forums and wanted to know a pretty good way to connect. that is fast/reliabe and can get me RF level commands that show some good data.

Ive had some issues with getting SDK on. but i finally got it. (forcing at!usbcomp=1,1,50D) to load rmnet0/1

I loaded Gobi Driver GobiNet/GobiSerial to get SDK for qmi

But ive seen MBIM /qmi/ etc etc

My goal is to connect to LTE do some commands /load sites and then bounce from modem0 to modem1 between them every 5 minutes and check RF signal stats like RSRQ,CINR,CQI,UE TX Power Per radio.

I have a device that has 2 SIMs and my images are pre-loaded when inserting the SIM.

But what is a common thing (my host is rasPI debian)

ive seen mmcli/uqmi )

T-mobile gets me on with DHCP with … i know it worked cause i attached it to a Ubuntu 16.04 VM and it had ModemManger hehe … but Verizon/and ATT is Static (i gotta see how i configure it and how i get static/APN info)

Why not use ModemManager in Raspbian?

BTW; there’s no issue with static IP addressing provided by the operator; you will still be able to use DHCP if the modem supports it (the DHCP server is inside the modem).

do you know if mmcli / modemmanager can get all the stats.

and to use modemmanager ill have to figure out how i can connect. but i got a Unit with Dual Sims so im trying to bounce between 2 carriers every few minutes.

should i unload the gobinet/gobi serial you think (i put it up for the SDK)

but does MMCLI provide this stuff
RSRQ,CINR,CQI,UE TX Power Per radio.


How do you switch between one SIM and the other? Or are both on at the same time? And if so, could you point me to a miniPCI adapter that has 2 sim slots to be used at the same time? :slight_smile:

If you want to use ModemManager, yes. Plain qmi_wwan or cdc_mbim.

mmcli won’t provide power info (no common API for that yet), but you can gather that by calling qmicli directly on the /dev/cdc-wdm0 port if needed. You can run qmicli commands even if ModemManager is running, by using the “-p” option in qmicli (which triggers the “qmi-proxy” setup to share the QMI channel). See e.g. the Mobile Radio Monitor, which shows you power and signal info while ModemManager manages the modem connection in parallel.

Cradlepoint mc400 usb modem has dual sim and is pci-e to usb. It works with the mc7455 also. I don’t know if it works 2 Sims at the same time or not.

hehe ya i was trying to have a embedded linux plus stay under $300 for it … but im now wondering if i can even do eSIM and then just have 1 master some somehow hehe