Hl7802 gsm

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I have bought few HL7802 module sample and trying to connect with GSM mode in India. Since it supports 2G fallback.
We have requested module name , it giving as HL7802.
When we requested to see available RAT AT+KSRAT=? , it gives us +KSRAT: (0-1)
But HL7802 should allow to change to RAT mode 2 (GSM mode), since "AT+KSRAT=? " not showing GSM mode I can’t use AT+KSRAT=2, it gives ERROR.

Could you please help me to enable GSM mode, what i am missing here ?
How to enable the GSM mode in HL7802, Do i have send any other commands to enable GSM?

Please try the following:
AT+KSRAT=1 // To set NB
AT+KSRAT=0 and AT+WS46=12 // To set 2G
AT+KSRAT=0 and AT+WS46=28 // To set CATM1

thanks ,
It worked now. After sending AT+WS46=12,
send available network command AT+COPS=? then it got registered into the network.
thank you so much for prompt response.


is there an automatic procedure to configure the modem as NBIoT and if there is no network to fallback to 2G ?

The module is advertised as 2G fallback but in the manual we haven’t seen how this is possible.


Hi Pratos,

HL7802 does not support fallback to 2G automatically.

And in AT guide:
0 CAT-M1 only (this is the only RAT available on the HL7800-M)
1 NB1 only
2 GSM only (for HL7802 only)


I would also recommend getting hold of the 4.3.7 firmware through your commercial channel, you probably only have 4.2.2 firmware on there at the moment.




Thanks for the answer.

I will get the new firmware.

From the module web page
“The HL7802 module for Cat-M1/NB1 worldwide networks with 2G fallback is fully compliant with the 3GPP Release 13 standard and is Release 14 ready to support NB2 features in the future,…”

So this is a future feature to be developed ?



So go for the 4.3.9 firmware which is on the source now.

There is a release 14 build planned but it will be back end of this year before it comes out but also R14 networks aren’t due out anytime soon.



Thanks Matt, i will. Through our commercial channel i managed to get which has bugs the GNSS is short of working and requires powercyling to work once it stops.