HL7802 firmware update stuck on Synchronization success

I am trying to update an HL7802 module with One-Click using UART connected to and FTDI USB cable. The updater finds the AT port and get to Synchronization success, however it just stops there and does not continue.

Enter Installation COM Port Type-(1.UART, 2.USB(Ymodem), 3.USB(Kermit)):1
Installation port type can be set using Environment Variables: SFT_COM_TYPE
SFT v2.12.2102.1 Feb 23 2021 16:27:02
Available ports:

COM10 (USB Serial Port (COM10))
COM24 (STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM24))
Enter COM Port ID:COM10
Com port can be set using Environment Variables: SFT_COM_PORT
Enter COM Speed (9600, 57600, 115200, 460800, 921600[default], 1843200, 2400000):115200
Speed can be set using Environment Variables: SFT_COM_SPEED
SFT v2.12.2102.1 Feb 23 2021 16:27:02
File to download: sysHeader_backup.bin.alt1250
File to download: u-boot.bin
File to download: sysHeader.bin.alt1250
File to download: partmap.bin
File to download: AppFW_flash.bin
File to download: ue_lte_2g.fw
File to download: ue_lte.fw2
File to download: sysHeader_modem.bin.alt1250

Using port COM10 at 115200 bps

Attempting communication at 115200 baud… success
Synchronizing with module…
AT port detected. Trying to synchronize with bootloader…
Synchronization success.

Does anybody have any idea where I am going wrong with this?


you can try the following:

  1. use 7zip to extract the exe
  2. go to the folder in command prompt
  3. sft.exe -p COM10 -b 115200 -j -s AppFW_flash.bin sysHeader_backup.bin.alt1250 sysHeader.bin.alt1250 sysHeader_modem.bin.alt1250 u-boot.bin ue_lte.fw partmap.bin ue_lte.fw2