Hl6528rd cms error 2165

Sending SMS with the HL6528RD is normally easy. But sometimes I observed “CMS ERROR 2165” after transmitting the 0x1A and the SMS is not send. Looking for an explanation in the documentation of the module I did not find anything.

Who can give me a hint or link ?

Thank you !

how about sending in PDU mode?


Thanks for your answer. Im using text mode. But what is the meaning of the error code 2165 ?

is there any error with PDU mode?

Does this only happen on one particular network operator?

is there any error with PDU mode?

I can’t test it with PDU mode. It communicates with a server, which accepts only text messages.

Does this only happen on one particular network operator

These error occurs only with SIM cards of the “telekom” after several months of usage.
After replacement of the SIM with a new one (same phone number ), the error occurs again after some months.
So the question is, what happens with the SIM ?
What says the CME error code 2165 ?

So problem only happens to 0x1a?
Not quite sure if 0x1a is text mode character

After sending the SMS data with the terminyting CTRL-Z the modem answered with ‘CMS error: 2165’. But only with this specific SIM, not with other.

So problem only happens to 0x1a or all other characters?

After the CTRL-Z the error message occurs.

CTRL-Z is the character to send the SMS

I mean if the content of SMS is not involving 0x1a, does this problem happen?

After transmitting the content of the SMS the 0x1A is send. The 0x1A is send only for signaling the end of this data transmission. If the 0x1a is not transmitted, the SMS is not send - but this is normal.

Is this SIM OK to send SMS as you said that other SIM has no problem?

The SIM with showed CMS Error:2165 shows these error once and did not connect to the network provider anymore. Registration always failed. Other SIM worked.
Would you please so kind to tell me what these error code means ?

I don’t know , I never see such error before.
But if it cannot register to network, definitely it cannot send SMS.